These 7 Unofficial Dragon Ball Z Games on Android Are Hilariously Bad

Dragon Legends: Street Combo Champion

Dragon Legends: for when one fandom just isn't enough. 

I went out looking for a Dragon Ball knock-off and found with Bruce Lee and some Street Fighter in it too.

In this free superhero fighting game, follow the path of Kaku -- who is less Goku and more Super Saiyan Chucky -- as he cleans the streets of "gangsters" (the developers word; not mine). 

Unleash fists of fury as you rampage across various maps, uncovering plot points and defeating, killing, and butchering gangsters along the way. 

Really, the developers want to be completely clear that there will be "a cruel showdown full of blood and violence."

Ah, yes. The classic DBZ experience I remember: blood and gangsters. 

Get Dragon Legends from the Google Play Store here.

Published Dec. 3rd 2017

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