Steam Music Exiting Beta - Available Live in Next Client Update

Play and stream music now in Steam with the new client update.

Steam Music is no longer in beta and will download in the next client update, which is available now.

This new application will allow Steam users to download and stream music from the soundtracks of their favorite Steam games. To celebrate the launch of Steam Music, Valve is offering many of their most popular game soundtracks for free, and discounting those games by 75% through October 1.

This update comes on the heels of a Discovery Update released earlier this week, which granted users the capability of personalizing game browsing in the client, and introduced Steam's new curator system. Some have speculated that the addition of applications like Steam Music is a lead-in to making Steam the next total, in-home entertainment system.

This most recent update also provides several new support features and fixes for several existing issues over multiple operating systems. The full list of features for this update can be found here.


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Published Sep. 29th 2014

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