The Culling patch brings new Showdown feature

The Culling has a new feature called Showdown that will hinder teams in Free for All game play.

The Culling has a new feature called Showdown that's going to be implemented soon. The game will be updated tomorrow with the patch, and is live on the test servers today.

Showdown is a feature that aims to hinder teaming in a Free for All game mode. This method makes it so players who have been flagged as teamers in a Free for All game are put into the Showdown arena.

In the Showdown arena, the players who were working together have to fight to the death. If a player attempts to leave the arena, he will be killed. The winning player in Showdown will be allowed to continue the match. If neither player dies in the allotted time, both players will be killed.

Instead of trying to prevent teaming altogether, The Culling has brought a creative solution that should prevent people from teaming up to win Free For All games.

Along with the Showdown update, there are also other changes to the game. Included are:

  • reduced stamina cost of shove
  • taking damage doesn’t break a player from stagger
  • added visual to block animation

There are many other changes and fixes as well. You can see the full list here.


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Published Jun. 1st 2016

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