9 awesome character mods for Don't Starve Together in the Steam Workshop

Strong Bad (Homestarrunner)

Oh yeah! Check out all his majesty! Once again, we have another fan service character. Strong Bad functions pretty close to Wilson, but it's his dialog that makes him hilarious. When you inspect a carrot, he mutters "The Earth is making Plantbabies" or a rabbit hole will elicit "Probably leads to some super awesome bunny utopia".

It's clear that the modder captured Strong Bad's offbeat sense of humor, and that's what makes him one of the best Don't Starve Together characters to play as. For fans of the cartoons, you should know that there's also a Homestar Runner mod.  Sadly, there's no Trogdor...yet.

To download the Strong Bad mod, head over here.

Published Oct. 31st 2015

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