VR Exclusive Weeping Doll Added to Steam Greenlight

Weeping Doll, a VR psychological thriller by TianShe Media, is ready to scare your socks off.

Horror game and VR exclusive Weeping Doll has been added to Steam Greenlight. A psychological thriller developed by TianShe Media, it employs the Shadow Step system which allows the players to sit while using the controller, negating motion sickness. With a painstakingly designed environment, Weeping Doll revolves around immersion.

A game that rewards exploration, Weeping Doll takes place in an everyday home. With no one about, who is crying? Searching every nook and cranny helps peel back layers of the story, immersing the player deeper into the narrative. Complete puzzles to discover that nothing is quite what it seems with the ordinary house. Paying attention to every detail, including sounds, is needed to solve what happened to the family that lived in this home.

Check out the video trailer above. It showcases the home and movement throughout the environment. If you like what you see, then go ahead and upvote Weeping Doll on Steam Greenlight.

What do you think of the VR horror?


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Published Sep. 8th 2016

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