Microsoft Announces Free Unity Licenses for Indie Devs

Microsoft says the Unity 3D License cost for Xbox One indie developers is on the house.

It seems like the competition between Micorsoft and Sony only gets better and better. Remember that time when Microsoft pretty much said that it wasn't supporting indie developers back in the Xbox One reveal event?

Well, it seems like this has changed quite a lot (after the plenty of policy reversals Microsoft has done ever since), and today, it has announced that indie developers will soon have access to the Xbox One-focused Unity development tools in the near future for free.

As you might know, the UniUnity 3D Logoty 3D engine is quite popular nowadays between the developers' community. A lot of games are being developed using this engine such as Thomas Was Alone, Slender: The Eight Pages, ARMA Tactics, Deus Ex: The Fall, among many other games.

Now, if you're an indie developer and want to develop some games for the upcoming next-gen console from Microsoft, the Xbox One, you might be able to benefit from this initiative.

"To us, ID@Xbox is about providing a level playing field for all developers. So, we worked with Unity and we’re pleased to announce that, when released in 2014, the Xbox One add-on for Unity will be available at no cost to all developers in the ID@Xbox program, as will special Xbox One-only Unity Pro seat licenses for Xbox One developers in the ID@Xbox program."

- Microsoft in this announcement.

This isn't the first time in which a company has done this, as some time ago Nintendo took the same measures for developers of Wii U games.

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Published Nov. 5th 2013

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