Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Release Date Looms

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate finally has a release date!

Nintendo Wii U and 3DS owners get ready: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is coming your way in March!

Everything about 3 Ultimate looks amazing, but there's one special feature that sets it apart from its predecessors: voice chat. Capcom has announced and confirmed that 3U will allow players to choose between text and voice chat for their multiplayer adventures.

The last Monster Hunter title we got in North America was Tri, three years ago. Portable 3rd never left Japan, despite having a unique setting among the rest of the series; 3U has taken over a year to be localized. So we're just a bit behind here.

Capcom is closing the doors on Monster Hunter Tri's servers six weeks after the release of 3U -- so those of you not convinced to hop over may want to change your tune if you want to keep on huntin'.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be available on March 19 in North America and March 22 in Europe. Keep your eyes open for a demo on February 21 to see how 3U improves on what Tri had to offer.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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Published Feb. 18th 2013

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