Are You A Jerk On Xbox Live? Frequently Reported Xbox One Players Will Be Punished

A punishment is coming to those who act like jerks on Xbox Live

Hate people being jerks while playing on Xbox Live? Microsoft will be incorporating a new reputation system on the Xbox One. On a blog post Micheal Dunn gave details on the reputation system.

Players will fall into one of three categories: "Green=Good Player," "Yellow=Needs Work," and "Red=Avoid Me."

When you look at someone's Gamercard, you will be able to see their reputation. The longer you play online without being reported for "abusive" behavior, the better your reputation will be. A majority a players fall into the "Good Player" category, as they do not receive regular complaints for "disruptive" behavior. Dunn stated that there will be rewards for gamers in this category on Xbox Live.

If you fall into the "Needs Work" category, beginning this month you will receive warnings as your reputation drops from complaints. These warnings are to remind you of your behavior online, and they will encourage those players to improve their interactions.

If you do not heed these warnings, you will drop into the "Avoid Me" category.

Falling into this reputation zone will have repercussions. Those who find themselves in this reputation category will have "reduced matchmaking pairings" and will lose access to  some "privileges", such as the ability to broadcast on Twitch. Microsoft designed the system to not penalize from a few complaints over a matter of a few weeks. It is also adjusted to keep false reports from effecting your reputation.

Hopefully this new system will keep gamers from being complete assholes online.

I usually play single player games, but when I do play online, one thing that turns me off is people being jerks. If players get rewarded for having a high rating for a while (like free Xbox Live for those who stay at a high level), it could really encourage people to avoid bringing the experience down for others. A little sportsmanship in gaming could really go a really long way. 

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Published Mar. 26th 2014
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    This would be great!
  • Chris Coccaro
    A rep system.. Wow! I'm surprised how much Microsoft is striving to make Xbone a better product.

    Titanfall wasn't enough to get my bucks, but maybe in the future I'll bite.

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