Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Details

There's a lot to look forward to from Shadow Fall's multiplayer. It should have a lot of people looking forward to November 15th.

Fresh out of Gamescom, we've got the first details on Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer mode, and it looks pretty awesome.  It seems like they're adding a lot of potential customization to their multiplayer maps, more than we've really seen out of a shooter before. It offers a lot of potential for a really fun game.

The trailer for the multiplayer showcases how you can "build your own war zone."  Rather than just choosing a game type and a map, Shadow Fall seems like it's going to let you set what weapons, abilities, classes, and special rules are in your game type. If this does actually meet what it's promising, then instead of having preset multiplayer modes you get to craft your own, which is somewhat unprecedented.  It seems you will also be able to share this game type with the community, allowing you to share your own custom game modes.

The multiplayer will also receive several post-release expansions. It seems that some of these expansions will increase the amount of customization you can do when creating your war zone.  No word on exactly how they will do that, but that news will probably come a bit further down the line.  There will also be map packs released for the game down the line. Maps packs aren't exactly new, but the nice thing about these is that they will be free.

The game's progression system is also being altered. In previous Killzone titles, you progressed by gaining XP from matches. In Shadow Fall, you are completing challenges instead. the game has supposedly over 1500 challenges, each with increasing difficulty. Challenge-based progression isn't exactly a new concept when it comes to shooters, but it is a change for the Killzone series, and hopefully it will be a good one. Completing challenges does tend to help build skill at the game.

So, what do you guys think about Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer? Sound off in the comments and stay tuned to Gameskinny for more Gamescom and Playstation 4 news!

Published Aug. 21st 2013

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