No Man's Sky Will Have a "Traditional Multiplayer Experience"

Hello Games' No Man's Sky will have a more "traditional" multiplayer experience

If there is one thing that I love, it is a non-traditional multiplayer system. I loved the way that multiplayer worked in thatgamecompany's title Journey. I am mostly a lone gamer, so having this kind of minimal but meaningful interaction with other players was nice.

When I first saw Hello Games' No Man's Sky, I thought the universe and how gamers will interact with that universe was interesting. Now it seems that, while players will run into each other during their exploration of the universe, there will also be a more "traditional" multiplayer experience.


While speaking with Gamespot, Hello Games' co-founder Sean Murray talked about how No Man's Sky will continue to evolve post-release. One of the future features that he talked about was multiplayer. He stated:

"There is this thing, which I'm not going to talk about now, that is a plan for multiplayer – for people to have a more traditional multiplayer experience within the game. And that's something we'll deal with further down the line that is exciting, but that's not something that's core to the game now."

Not much else was said about multiplayer in No Man's Sky. Hello Games has said that the game is so big, that it is very unlikely friends would encounter each other.

As I said, I am mostly a solo player.

I am hoping that a "traditional" multiplayer experience in No Man's Sky does stay as unique as the game itself looks. I liked the idea of exploring the universe solo while occasionally running into other players also exploring the game, so I am kind of nervous.

I am wondering how Hello Games will approach a multiplayer system in the game. I am especially curious as players will be really spread out from each other. I am sure that a community will form as gamers explore different places in the universe and share new things that they find. A traditional multiplayer experience that takes this into consideration could be a challenge for Hello Games. We will see if they can do it when No Man's Sky sees release.

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Published Jul. 10th 2014
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    This game looks AMAZING!

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