What If The Rest Of The World Had DLC?

It's a frustrating thing to have just spent $50-60 on a new title, only to have the game hit you up for more money on extras like a down-on-their-luck cousin.

Every gamer remembers fondly a time before DLC was a four-letter word; a time when "secret characters" were just blacked-out silhouettes that you hadn't unlocked yet, or extra levels and costumes were something you had to hunt for, to find. You would spend your free time talking with your friends about how to get these little extras or dig around on the internet for hours looking for tips and tricks. 

Now, if you want extras, you get this: 

Want that cool outfit for Lara Croft? Hope you preordered it. Otherwise it's regular old outfits for you, broke person.

Want to get that sweet looking assault rifle in the new Call of Duty? You just boot up the store in-game and drop down several trips to Starbuck's worth of extra dough if you want to get all those wonderful little extra skins or new maps.

It's a frustrating thing to have just spent $50-60 on a new title and then have the game throw up a screen like this when you're digging around for sidequests and upgrades:

That's why the comedy gurus over at Aren't We Clever made this hilarious video that applies the frustrations of DLC and Season Passes to something simple, like burritos.


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Published May. 11th 2016

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