Town of Light is Out Tomorrow

Town of light is out Tomorrow. The story of this psychological adventure will change depending on your choices. Don't pass up on this beautiful indie title.

The highly anticipated The Town of Light will be available tomorrow (February 26). The first project of Indie team LKA.IT, The Town of Light is a psychological adventure told in the first person. Announced in 2014, it has already won several awards for design and storytelling ahead of release.

Set in Italy in the early 20th century, this story of fiction follows 16-year-old Renee. She's been placed in an asylum of horrors and malpractice with no explanation. Her only fault was not knowing her place in the world. The truth is more frightening then any ghost story or myth.

Explore and interact with the environment as you relive the history of Renee through her confused viewpoint. Depending on how you play and react to the world the story will evolve differently.

The Town of Light's setting is the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, a place that actually existed. Shut down in 1978, the game aims to reveal real world events through the eyes of a fictional character. Using real documents and photographs of the asylum, LKA.IT beautifully replicated the infamous location. The accuracy of the levels is breathtaking.

"You do not know where you are, who you are and what’s going on. Are you imprisoned, or are you ill? One thing for sure is that you are alone in one of the creepiest places in the world"

There are many psychological thriller games on the market, but none have approached the genre quite like this. There are no mythical elements or jump scares. The entire thrill is grounded in reality. The Town of Light will ship initially for PC, with Oculus Rift support promised in the future. Later this year, an Xbox version of the game will be released. Don't be scared to purchase this title. I'm sure this will a memorable game.


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Published Feb. 25th 2016

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