NativeX New 'Holy Grail' Platform to Help Developers Monetize Mobile?

NativeX announces its new advertising platform in order to make mobile monetizing easier and more consumer-friendly.

NativeX, formerly known as W3i, announced the launch of its new mobile advertising platform today.

Sent out this morning, the press release states that:

NativeX looks beyond standard display ad mechanics with a clear mission to provide more targeted, more effective, innovative advertising... Native advertising becomes part of the user experience and it out-performs standard display advertising by 150 percent, often doubling or tripling revenue for publisher partners. For more information, visit

Mobile advertising is tricky business. Generally you have ads that slaughter content and display, making things look horrifically... well, ad-driven.

In an excellent article written by Brian Wung on Linkedin, Wung states that in order for us to move forward in the world of mobile marketing, traditional advertising as we know it must change. Think about it--Wung is absolutely correct in that mobile advertisements are nothing more than miniature click-through billboards. They're annoying, they're awful to look at, and often take away from the user experience. Hence microtransactions and app pricing, which make sense in the mobile world. Developers have to eat too, and microtransactions with app purchases are an easy, quick way to get paid.

Getting Rid of Tiny Billboards

NativeX appears to be taking that to the next level, offering other relevant apps as rewards for gaming milestones and advertising in a timely manner. They claim to " with developers and publishers to incorporate native ad units into the user experience so that ads are served at the right time and are not disruptive."

So what does this platform from NativeX mean for us mobile consumers? It means that more of our favorite apps will (hopefully) be free as developers will be able to easily monetize from ads that are more than just "display" ads.

Pocket Minions used NativeX for their advertising and acquired 137,000 daily active users in 48 hours.

For Battle Bears Royale, revenue shot through the roof, increasing by 650 percent in three months.

Obviously, NativeX is in the know about how to advertise effectively, and the launch of this platform may change mobile advertising as we know it--hopefully for the better. Especially for those of us who love free apps.

NativeX is just one of many companies exploring the realm of mobile marketing, and it'll be interesting to see how it evolves and changes around the wants and needs of the mobile consumer.

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Published Mar. 20th 2013

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