The 17 most anticipated RPGs of 2016

Final Fantasy XV

There's quite a bit of Final Fantasy coming your way in the near future, with one of the most anticipated probably the FF7 remake that has no set release date yet. For those who want to go forward rather than retreading previous ground, FF XV will hit the current gen consoles next year. This is the time for Square Enix to show off its skills in pushing the series in new directions, while hopefully keeping those elements that make this such an iconic gaming franchise.

Unfortunately, it would seem Nobuo Uematso is not around for the music again (a continuing mistake started with Final Fantasy 13), but the mix of sci-fi and fantasy that made parts 7 and 8 so famous has returned, with cars driving alongside herds of chocobo. The trailers that have dropped so far also give off the impression there will be a host of giant outdoor boss battles to take part in.

Published Nov. 9th 2015

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