Fish Out of Water Guide: Fling Your Fish to Victory

Tips and Tricks to getting all the crabs on your side in Halfbrick's Fish Out of Water.

Fish Out of Water is an app from Halfbrick that has climbed the charts and is in the top two games in the App Store. The game is fun and quirky and that only adds to the desire to fling the fish further than ever before. 

The goal of the game is to get three of your fish further down the sea-line with skips and distance. You get scored based on how many skips and how far your fish travel. The score comes from a group of crabs that vary on how they score your three throws, such as, one may value distance while another values the amount of skips more highly. 

So I'm sharing with you today some tips and tricks to get those crabs to score you highly, show you which fish are a little lighter on the throw and other tips that will help you get the highest score possible. 

Which fish should I throw?

There are a total of 6 different fish that have different strengths and some that go well with each other. If you throw, for instance, a fish that has a strength of going far you will want to then throw a fish that is known for his skipping ability so that when the crabs go to judge, they are happy. fish react to weather more than others. Pay attention before throwing fish!

1. Olympus is a nice well-rounded little fish because he gets an average amount of skips and distance. He goes well with almost any pairing of fish and will do well on most throws as long as the weather is good. 

2. Finlay is a fast fish! He travels at lighting speed down the water and can give you a good distance boost if you are running low. He is best paired with a fish that is good at skipping such as Errol.

3. Errol is the perfect fish to get more skips but he does not give you much on distance. Pair him with a good distance fish and your score will go up greatly.

4. The Brothers are four fish that get thrown at the same time, upon the first skip. Their skips and distance get divided among the four of them to produce an all around good score. 

5. Rocket is the perfect fish for skipping. He provides that extra boost needed to improve your skips score. 

6. Micro, ironically, is the largest fish of them all and he travels the farthest without many skips between. Pair him up with a good skipping fish like Rocket and you're sure to have a good score. 

What are the crabs looking for?

There are five crabs that all look for different things when determining what score they'll give you. 

1. Distance Dorothy, as her name suggests, wants to see long distance runs. 

2. Reasonable Re is just that. Re takes skips, weather, and distance into account. 

3. Skipping Steve is all about how many skips you accumulate. 

4. Nice Natalie is nice because she gives out good scores all the time. It doesn't take much to impress her. 

5. Hard-To-Please Hardwood is critical of skips and distance regardless of the weather conditions. 

Complete Tasks to Level Up 

It is fairly easy to level up in Fish Out of Water. Click on the checkered flag at the bottom right of your screen at any time to find out what your next objective is - complete those and you'll level up fast. 

Timing Your Boost

Getting the hang of boosting is somewhat of an experience thing. After all the attempts I made I found that boosting while whichever fish is pointing up will make them bounce more times and go further in distance. 

Crystals will help give you an edge. 

There are four separate colors and two sizes of each crystal. You must craft these crystals to get special abilities such as 15 extra skips or extra distance. Once crafted the crystal power up only applies to the next fish thrown so remember what combination gives you what and throw a fish accordingly. 

It helps to craft, for instance, a crystal for more skips and then throw a distance fish. This helps create a more even throw all-around for skips and distance. 

This is my complete list of tips that should get you scoring perfect 10s in no time. Fish Out of Water is available today for free at the App Store. 

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Published Jun. 24th 2014
  • Paul_8182
    What good is the (small black + large black) charm combination supposed to be? I thought that since the black charms come in the Ninja Pack, maybe they would do something special, but when I combined them the resulting "black fish" is really wimpy and useless... unless I'm overlooking something...?

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