5 Classes We Want to See in Future For Honor Updates

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History should never get in the way of a good game. At least, that seems to be the mantra Ubisoft live by in For Honor, a game which mixes Samurai, Vikings and medieval Knights. These three disparate bands who -- at least according to the written word -- never met in combat at the same time.

But why stop there? There are plenty of warrior factions that can be plucked from the annals of history in order to create new classes. As For Honor expands -- and it will need to, in order to keep gamers coming back for more -- Ubisoft will need to consider adding more playable factions beyond the initial three.

To give them a helping hand, we've put together some suggestions.


Ninjas make everything better -- fact. They may normally be found in the shadows, but with the variety of weapons and skills at their disposal, they could rule the battlefield. Just look at Joe Musashi: the one-man army.

Given that they were considered to be a lower caste than the Samurai, there's ample opportunity to spin that out into a tale of revenge against the elite and improve For Honor's rather lackluster campaign mode.


This Greek army didn't take any chances with its recruits, signing up kids as early as the age of five, and even abandoning those they deemed to be inferior human specimens.

Hollywood and the small screen may have glamorized them, but in reality they were a disciplined, regimented lot and would be more than capable of holding their own against the likes of crude Vikings and ponderous Knights. Perfect fodder, in other words, for inclusion in For Honor.

The Immortals

You can't really have the Spartans in a game without including the Persian Immortals. Despite wearing their nicest leather underwear -- if you believe the film -- the 300 Spartans were battered by Xerxes' army, and the victors would therefore be prime For Honor material if both factions were introduced at the same time.

Wielding swords and spears and wearing scale mail, members of the Achaemenid would certainly be able to hold their own against others in Ubisoft's hack 'em up.


As far as warriors go, none have been more successful at conquering the world than the Mongols. They controlled more territory and have won more battles than any other faction in the history of civilization. They also defeated Russia in winter, a feat that could have changed history had it been repeated by the Germans in World War 2.

But they were also a truly organized war machine with incredible martial acumen, and not just the barbaric horsemen they're often portrayed as. They'd definitely give the Vikings a run for their money in the landscape of For Honor.


Since For Honor isn't particularly bothered about historical chronology, we'd surmise that it probably doesn't care a great deal about historical accuracy either. With that in mind, why not introduce the Amazons?

They're the greatest tribe of warrior women who never lived, a myth founded on tales of Scythian females buried with weapons which potentially influenced Greek legends, and then perpetuated to the present day. There's no actual evidence they existed, as much as Xena: Warrior Princess would try and convince you otherwise.

But if they had, wouldn't it be great to see an all-female faction in For Honor, showing the testosterone-heavy title how fighting should be done?

Let us know in the comments which historical warrior groups you'd love to see added to future For Honor updates!

Published Mar. 1st 2017


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