What Will the Game of Thrones Video Game be Like?

Should the Game of Thrones game be made an RPG or an MMO?

Ever since Telltale Games announced their Game of Thrones title at the end of last year and promised large battles, it has been a guess as to what the game would play like. Many hope that it will be along the same lines as Skyrim, and I agree that it would be great to play a big budget Game of Thrones title.

Paul Tassi of Forbes outlined what his ideal game would look like. He envisions an action RPG game with a AI companion that could be played by another user.

For the most part, I agree with his version of the game. I miss being able to play with a friend in adventure games. The idea of having a local multiplayer as well as online with each playing as their created player would be optimum.

Tassi says that he thinks that an MMO would probably be a bad idea, but if done right I believe that it could also work. I believe if they could figure out how to make it a real-time strategy type game then they would keep users active longer as the world would always be changing even if they were offline.

What do you think the Game of Thrones title by Telltale Games should be like? RPG or MMO?

Published May. 14th 2014
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    DayZ with politics. At it's heart at least, I'd expect it to be that kind of chaotic madness... mixed with political intrigue and lots of violence.

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