Footage of EA and Marvel Planned 3D Fighter Surfaces

Marvel and EA's video game deal ended 7 years ago, but footage of their last attempt was just released.

It's not easy for modern fighters to compete with classics like Marvel vs. Capcom. But a few years ago, EA Chicago was going to try. 

Back in January of 2008, Justin Lambos, VP of Marvel Interactive, announced that EA and Marvel were ceasing plans to create a series of character-focused Marvel fighting games, stating:

"Electronic Arts and Marvel have jointly agreed to discontinue development of Marvel fighting games under the Electronic Arts brand. This was a business decision based on Electronic Arts portfolio strategy and will not affect Marvel's ongoing plans to release fighting games based on the Marvel properties in the future."

Seven years later, on May 28, YouTube channel PtoPOnline, a place devoted to unreleased and prototype video game footage, released footage of one of the planned last-generation titles, Marvel Chaos

The footage (seen below) depicts a cell-shaded Incredible Hulk and Captain America squaring off in a 360°, 3D environment. As the lengthy battle wages on, buildings crumble and Hulk weaponizes the environment around him, but little else interesting actually happens.

It would have been interesting to see how well the 360° camera would work in such a hectic environment, though gamer intuition will likely leave many skeptical.  Chaos would have been EA's second Marvel game, after the much darker and moderately received Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects. 

Do you think Marvel Chaos could have stood up to Capcom's beloved series? If so, what roster would you like to have seen featured? Let us know in the comments below!

Published May. 30th 2015

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