Shelter: Simulate the Life of a Badger Parent

Pid developer seeking to give gamers a window into the life of a badger, badger, badger badger, Mushroom! Mushroom!....No, just a badger.

Might and Delight (Developers of Pid) have revealed their next project on Steam Greenlight.

Shelter is a third-person game with an enticing art style. It's pitched as a simulation game in which you play mommy badger protecting her litter of cubs from the wilderness as you search for, well, shelter. (Now that's a strong female protagonist)

The Steam release is expected for PC and Mac sometime in the summer. If you're drawn in by the unconventional idea, you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

Hopefully this game succeeds and inspires a lot more wildlife simulators.



"How was the funeral?"

Published Apr. 15th 2013

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