New Map Coming to Guild Wars 2 World vs World: The Edge of the Mists

Arenanet is starting a beta for a new WvW map, the Edge of the Mists. It can hold as many players as necessary, to prevent larger servers from having an unfair advantage in WvW.

Guild Wars 2 does lots of things differently from most other MMOs.  One of the things that separates the game is its World vs World PvP system, pitting players of different servers against each other in a battle for dominance which does, in fact, grant every player on the dominant servers passive benefits.  One of the problems of WvW is the advantage some servers can get simply due to having more people.

Arenanet may have an answer for that unfairness.

The answer is a new map, The Edge of the Mists.  This new map is effectively an overflow for the normal WvW battlegrounds.  When those maps fill up, the extra players will be sent to this new map.  The map will give rewards similar to standard WvW, but will not increase WvW rank.  Even more interesting, this map is intended to accommodate as many players as necessary.  When it fills up, a new instance of the map is immediately created.

The Edge of the Mists looks amazing as well, made up of islands floating up in the air, covering various terrain types and architectural styles.  It will be announced long before its release because Arenanet wants to know what the players think of the idea and possible execution.  If you've got any ideas, head on over to the Guild Wars 2 forums and give them an earful!

Published Oct. 18th 2013

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