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Honorable Mention - Samsung Gear VR

While you shouldn't consider this a full-fledged VR headset, at the low cost of just $99, it is miles cheaper than any other VR device and merits a quick overview.

Price and Release date

$99 (£89.95) and available from most retailers and online stores.

Specs and Pre-requisites

Gear VR boasts a "Super AMOLED display, wide field of view, precise head-tracking and low latency."

The device uses any of the new Samsung phones (including and everything after Galaxy S7/S6, S7/S6 Edge and Galaxy Note 5) as the CPU, GPU and Display, so this is especially useful for die-hard Android fans who always get the latest phones.

Game and Software Library

This is an area that the Samsung Gear VR lacks behind in. You can use it for any VR capable video, and the device does have access to a variety of cool apps, but by and large it just doesn't compare to the complexity that you'd see in some of the other devices.

  • Extremely user friendly
  • Great if you already have an Android phone
  • Perfect for in-flight movie watching and gaming
  • Very cheap alternative
  • Light weight (318g)

Anything is possible when you're inside Gear VR. Whether it's battling the undead or riding a flying carpet, you won't run out of adventures with an ever-expanding vault of games.

Short and Sweet Summary

A cheap, user-friendly, alternative to mainstream VRs, Samsung Gear is for those of you who want to try VR, but not pay as much as a new console. Think of Gear VR vs other headsets as tablet vs console.

Published Apr. 27th 2016

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