The Burnt-Out Legion: 5 MMOs You Should Play if You Need a Break From World of Warcraft

The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO might be an older title itself (though not nearly as aged as the World of Wacraft), and it has a bit of a spotty history given a not-so-stellar beta/early release. But currently one of the best MMO experiences on the market - especially given its (mostly) Free to Play status.

A different mindset of endgame content, the Elder Scrolls Online experience is a polished take on the "Keep Wars" genre of MMO in the lineage as the once-fantastic Dark Ages of Camelot, giving players a massive and neverending PvP endgame to look forward to.

For the filthy totally reasonable PvE players among us, there's still plenty of end-game "Raids-n-Bosses" style content in the Trials and Cyrodiil, and tons of crafting available.

If you like your magical fantasy violence a little less garishly cartoon-y or your PvP battles massive and driven by siege engines, check out The Elder Scrolls Online here(Or if you're already playing it, check out our guide to the recent Dark Brotherhood DLC.)

Tamriel awaits.

Published Oct. 16th 2016

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