The Burnt-Out Legion: 5 MMOs You Should Play if You Need a Break From World of Warcraft

Guild Wars 2

Now, let me be clear. Guild Wars 2 isn't exactly a stellar PvE experience. It's not awful, mind you -- the story mode combinations reflecting choices you make in character creation are fun if a bit limited, the world encounters keep the old sense of "LFG" alive in an age of instant instance groups, and the world is painted just well enough to be fun to explore.

It's just not all there when it comes to PvE. Everything is kind of formulaic. Kind of "samey" with the rest of the MMO world. So why did it make the list?

Simple: It's a half step towards the MMO-killing MOBA genre. Simply put, Guild Wars 2 has an incredibly easy to reach PvP "endgame" that's active almost immediately after character selection, and puts two teams of competitors in a tightly packed, objective-filled arena to battle their specific and limited sets of skills against one another.

And it's great.

No twenty seven bars of skills that need 3-key combinations to activate. No incredible macros just to keep all your cooldowns together. Pick your weapons, pick your armor and rune set, then start murdering your way up the ranks. As a bonus, this iteration of Guild Wars doesn't even have IWAY -- but you can have it your way in the second installation of the series, found here.

Published Oct. 16th 2016

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