Hypersensitive Bob receives new content and bug fixes

Hypersensitive Bob receives its second update since release that adds some new content, changes and bug fixes.

Sieidi Ltd, have been busy updating their action roguelike video game, Hypersensitive BobThe new update that released on May 6th adds welcoming new content, changes, and bug fixes.

What does the update bring?

The new content brought to the game with the update is new levels, new items, a new boss, new enemies and an added option for the player to restart their journey at any point. Fixes include typos on item descriptions, Rubber Duck item not giving damage, level collisions, and the unlock icon being slightly off on the stat screen.

Some of the items are being balanced, and ending a journey now restarts the game. A quit button is also included to exit the game.

A welcoming update

The new update adds in new content that the game needs. As I pointed out in my review, the game would benefit from having extra levels due the player having seen all the levels there are in a relatively short period. The inclusion of the new boss, enemies, and items are also welcome.

They stir up the game a bit adding more depth and more strategy when it comes to choosing what items to purchase. This update addresses virtually all of the issues I had with the game. If you enjoy action roguelike similar to that of The Binding of Issac, there is no better time to try Hypersensitive Bob out.


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Published May. 9th 2016

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