Destiny 2: How to Farm Solstice Key Fragments

If you want to get your hands on well-rolled Solstice of Heroes armor in Destiny 2's latest event, you'll need Key Fragments. This guide explains how to get them quickly and easily.

The loot grind in Destiny 2’s 2021 Solstice of Heroes event revolves around Key Fragments and the packages they open. You’ll only get packages from the EAZ seasonal arena, but Key Fragments come from almost everywhere.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best ways to get and farm Solstice Key Fragments and the best ways to use them.

Eva Levante's vendor menu, showing additional Solstice bounties for Key Fragments.

Finishing almost any activity in the game rewards Key Fragments. The only one I could find that gives nothing is Patrols. So you can do Strikes, play Gambit or Crucible, Raid, do Public Events, and any seasonal/DLC content currently on offer.

The kicker is: not all activities reward the same amount of Fragments. Gambit and Crucible award 7 or 8, Raid Encounters are 5, and Lost Sectors award 2.

The only consistent value lies in the Solstice bounties from Eva, which each give 5 per completion, regardless of their timeframe. Weekly, daily, and repeatable bounties all give the same.

Then there’s the Strike playlist, which provides 12 Key Fragments per completed activity. Here’s how to optimize the Key Fragment grind through Bounties and Strikes.

  1. Pick up all the Solstice bounties you can hold, including repeatables. Go to Spider on the Tangled Shore if you need extra glimmer for buying repeatables.
  2. Head into the Vanguard Strike playlist if you want variety or the Lake of Shadows Strike on the EDZ for the fastest possible completions.
  3. Prioritize daily and weekly objectives, then turn in bounties as you complete them.
  4. When you exhaust your bounty supply or run to only two or three in inventory, head back to Eva for more.
  5. Repeat infinitely.

Only spent Key Fragments for the “Open Solstice Packages” portion of the blue armor objective. You’ll want to save them until you can unbox Solstice Armor from Packages, which happens once you get to Magnificent quality armor.

At that point, you can either move onto another character and let the catch-up mechanics do some of the work for you or spend all your Fragments rolling for good event gear.

It’s not the most immersive grind, nor is it particularly interesting, but the method laid out here is one of the best ways if you want to do it quickly. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at some of our other Destiny 2 guides.


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Published Jul. 22nd 2021

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