League of Legends Season 4 Rewards Announced

Riot Games announced that the Competitive Season 4 in League of Legends will end in November. Details on New Master Tier outlined along with Season 4 Rewards.

With Hallo-Thanks-Mas just around the corner the end of the year is quickly approaching, and any competitive League of Legends player can tell you that that means the end of another season and the beginning of a new one. So now the rewards for this past season have been officially announced.

For those of us less competitive League of Legends players, a bit of explanation may be needed:

Each January, League of Legends begins a season for competitive play - that is ranked games - that works much like the ladder seasons found in other games like World of Warcraft, Path of Exile, and Starcraft II to name a few. These seasons are ways to track your progress and skill while also offering rewards for milestone achievements.

The "League of Legends" Competitive Seasons are similar to the Championship Series, but these matches can be played by anyone with high enough ELO and do not offer prize money. Many Championship teams use the laddering seasons to practice for League's ever-evolving metagame.

League of Legends' rewards primarily come in the form of unique champion skins, summoner icons, banners, and other aesthetic items. A comprehensive list of the Season 4 rewards can be found on Riot's official site.

 This season's victorious skin is for Morgana, who is featured in the header art above as well as splash art here.

Master tier is a new ladder within the competitive season that players can reach between Challenger tier and Diamond Tier. The new tier was actually added out of concern at the end of Season 3 over how to determine one's standings within Challenger and Diamond, and Riot has said that Master tier is intended to make a clearer, more obvious path for players attempting to reach Diamond.

Riot still has not announced the exact date for when Season 4 will end - telling us only that it will be in November - but with the close of the season fast approaching players will definitely see the competition heating up in ranked matches.

Now is the perfect time for Season 5 hopefuls to start spectating.

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Published Aug. 11th 2017

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