Does Not Commute: The Mobile Game You Should Be Playing

Does not Commute is a great free game that you should be playing, check out why.

There is a new game from developer Mediocre that you need to check out. The creators of the 2012 hit Granny Smith has now released Does Not Commute for both iOS and Android. This game is free to download and is quite entertaining its own unique and quirky way.

The game has you take control of a person who must drive to a certain point on a small map. It's easy enough at first, but once you complete your trip, the game saves that car's movement and has you act as another driver. As you complete short trips, the difficulty sets in - because you have to start dealing with your own erratic driving from earlier drives that were saved.

The game starts with a time limit of 60 seconds. Should you get in an accident with one of your vehicles, it is possible to rewind to the beginning of your attempt with only a 1-second penalty. However, this game will have you playing for much longer than just 1 minute at a time. There are also tokens that you can pick up that increase your time limit. After you complete 15 routes, you will move to a new zone and start over there.

The pricing structure of this game is spot on - you can get the entire game for free with no ads. However, once you get to the Game Over screen, you have to start over from the beginning. If you pay $1.99 via an in-app purchase you can unlock checkpoints which will let you quickly resume your game and get to new zones much easier.

So if you are looking for something new to check out, be sure to give this game a try, it's free and available on iTunes and Google Play

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Published Apr. 25th 2015

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