Get Exclusive Skylanders Swap Force Figures in your McDonald's Happy Meal

Pretend to be a little kid again and get some Skylanders Swap Force figurines in your McDonald's happy meal.

Activision, the publisher behind Skylanders Swap Force is bringing eight exclusive Skylanders figures to McDonald's Happy Meals starting this friday!

From March 28 through April 4, participating McDonald's resaturants in the U.S. will offer this Skylanders-themed happy meal, which will come with one of eight toys. The exclusive toys include: 



Free Franger

Freeze Blade

Magna Charge

Prism Break

Rattle Shake 

Wash Buckler

Unfortunately these are just plastic toys inspired by Skylanders Swap Force characters, and not toys you can actually use with your game. However, they do come with coupons! In your Skylanders Happy Meal you will receive one coupon for $10 off the Skylanders Swap Force starter pack and one coupon for $1 off a Skylanders character. The Happy Meal practically pays for itself!

Editor's Note: This article is not sponsored by McDonald's or Skylanders.

Published Mar. 25th 2014

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