Purgatory is Out Tomorrow!

Indie Turn-based RPG Purgatory is being released on June 21st!

Purgatory is a Strategic RPG that is coming out tomorrow. It is developed by an indie game developer Eduard Mirica and published by New Reality Games.

Most stories end with the death of the protagonist. For Xzus, death is where things started to get really interesting...

Purgatory is a turn-based strategy game that will let you feel the nostalgia of Heroes of Might and Magic series. Unlike many other games where players get to see "Game Over" when the protagonist is dead, Purgatory's story starts with the death of the protagonist named Xzus.

In addition, there are some special gameplay characteristics in this game, such as distinct visuals that are emphasized with pixel art, a skill point system to improve the character, and an increase in difficulty as the game progresses. 

Purgatory will be released in June 21st, 2016 on PC through Steam.


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Source store.steampowered.com
Published Jun. 16th 2016

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