Pirate Power Battle Insights

Get to know some strategy for battling in Pirate Power. Find out some boats weaknesses and strengths and do not forget the power of some strong characters.

The best part of Pirate Power is the ability to battle. You have to know a couple things about the actual boats and characters. So here are some tips on the boats and character abilities.

Boat Battling Fundamentals

The Pirate boats beat the Navarre boats and Navarre boats beat Dandolo boats and Dandolo boats beat Pirate boats. The reason being is the Pirate boats are weak to thunder attacks and that's the Dandolo's specialty. The Navarre are weak to explosives and that's the Pirate's speciality. The Dangdolo boats are weak to arrows and that is the Navarre's specialty. Knowing this will help you tremendously later on in the game when you have different boats.

Pirate > Navarre > Dandolo > Pirate

side note: to do well in the story mode, you have to build up your Navarre boat.

Character Strategy
  • Get the bear, Smoothie, his specialty doubles all the weapons attack and is to speed up one person's attack. You get him later on in the story. Keep him on your main boat.
  • The arrow girl, Adele, will be a main asset you will want to keep. Especially against the Dandolo boats. Since she is with you the entire time, her level will be higher than most characters, which makes her stronger.
  • Having a healer on your boat is very helpful and you should definitely try to get one. It is especially helpful when you start going on crusades once you get to level 12.
  • Please do not forget to get a character out of one of the chests. (You do not need to use money if you save up the F jewels you get throughout the game.)

If you have any tips for battling in this game not covered in this guide, leave them in the comments section below!


Published Jun. 27th 2016

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