What to Buy With Your Tax Refund

Gaming Desk

Perhaps it's time to replace or get a new gaming desk. Sites like Amazon are a great place to start looking for various types of desks to meet your needs and budget. Take a look at some of these extreme gaming desks and these expensive gaming desks if only to dream saying "I wish."

This Atlantic 33935701 Gaming Desk here is a great option thanks to its features, dimensions, and price of $90.89 with shipping included.

  • Steel rod frame construction
  • Cable management system
  • Fits 27 inch flat panel monitor up to 40 lbs
  • Charging Station
  • Speaker trays
  • Drink holder
  • Headset holder
  • 26.5 inches x 50 inches x 40.25 inches; 37.4 lbs.
Published Mar. 10th 2015

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