EA offers free trial of Dragon Age: Inquisition that includes multiplayer & six hours of story

The first six hours of Inquisition's campaign and the entirety of the game's multiplayer are now available for free through Origin.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third title in Bioware's fantasy-action RPG series, released to critical acclaim for its narrative, gameplay, and world design. It's also still sixty bucks eight months after release, and that can be a pretty steep price for a game you're just wanting to try.

In an age when demo disks are a forgotten relic of the past, it can be surprising to find a free trial available for a game you're really wanting to play–especially if that game is an AAA release. Fortunately for us, EA has decided to provide an unlimited trial for the game's multiplayer, as well as a six hour demo of the game's single-player campaign.  

As it turns out, yes.

This is Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer, a class-based cooperative dragonslaying experience similar (if not identical) to the multiplayer from Mass Effect 3. It also contains F2P-style microtransactions, which may indicate that EA is trying to monetize the game as a standalone free-to-play experience, rather than just a tacked-on game mode.

In addition to the unlimited free multiplayer, there's also the single-player demo–a six hour chunk of the game's story that many commenters seem to agree is more than enough to appraise the game's quality. 

Does this mean the return of free game demos? One can only hope. Make sure to swing by the 
Dragon Age: Inquisition Trial page before this deal ends, and check back with GameSkinny to learn about future trials, demos, and game deals.

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Published Jul. 16th 2015

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