Frostpunk Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

Learn how to manage your time, gather resources, build houses, and sign laws with the tips in this beginner's guide to Frostpunk.

Frostpunk is the latest offering from 11 bit studios, the developer of This War of Mine. It's a complex survival strategy game that requires you, as a newly elected mayor, to make life in a frostbitten settlement bearable for your population.

The game throws you into the thick of the problems right away, and you need to make the right kinds of decisions as quickly as possible. Time management is one of the most important aspects of the gameplay in Frostpunk, so this is where you should begin.

Manage Your Working Hours Wisely


You will have access to several menus in Frostpunk. The stats and the time controls are located in the upper menu, and the construction and laws on the bottom menu.

On the upper-left menu you will see a clock ticking and an indicator of what kind of time it is. When it's night out, the population will be resting, so don't expect your people to work. But as soon as the sun goes up, you will see the timer switch to working hours.

The best way to manage your time in the game is to assign all the necessary actions and workforce at night, and then watch them do the work during the daytime. You can also increase the speed of the gameplay by using the time controls.

Remember that you have a limited number of days to survive, so it's time that becomes your number one resource in Frostpunk. If you can't manage all the necessary steps in the first 10 days, you will most likely fail.

Gather Resources Around the Generator


The first thing necessary to begin work is to gather coal for your generator, wood for your buildings, and steel for your workshop.

Starting the generator, a building in the center of the settlement, is your first big task. It will produce heat for the entire population and make them less grumpy. But first you need to start the generator by putting some coal inside. So assign as many workers as you can to collect coal from the coal piles located to the north of the generator.

Assign others to collect steel and iron from the wreckages to the east and west of generator. And the rest can start collecting wood in the southern part of the settlement.

When you have enough resources for the generator and your first buildings, you can start assembling other basic structures.

Build Houses Around the Generator


The first three types of buildings that you should construct are tents, hunter's hut, and medical post. The tents will provide the population with basic shelter -- not perfect, but enough to make it through in the beginning.

The hunter's hut will provide food, and the medical post is essential for healing the injured workforce. As time goes by, you'll need even more resources, but before venturing into mines, you will need to build a workshop.

Then, you can start building coal and iron mines. The new technologies will become available in the tech tree, and you can start using them to build even better and more efficient things.

Upgrade Your Technology Tree


When you have a workshop ready, you can start upgrading your generator efficiency, mines productivity, resource gathering, accommodations, and exploration. All these upgrades will help your city grow and thus maintain the needs of your population much better.

Different upgrades require wood and a certain amount of time. The first thing you'll need to upgrade is the hunter's hut, which will be able to provide even more food for the starved population.

Then, focus on the heating system and exploration. All these extra activities will give you more possibilities to find additional resources for your further upgrades. The expeditions will give you opportunities to find new survivors outside the borders of the city, which means a larger workforce.

Sign New and Better Laws


But even with all the life necessities, people will get unhappy due to constant hard work and general social discontent. So in order to fulfill the desires of the population, you will need to sign new laws in the Book of Laws.

The most important laws are the ones that protect children and take care of the injured. Be sure to sign the Child Shelter law, which will take care of all the kids in the settlement while their parents are at work. Then, issue Care House law, which will take care of the terminally ill.

Apart from the laws that take care of the sick, you need to dispose of those who have died. The best option is to issue the Cemetery law, but if you're low on resources and time, then you ought to just sign the Corpse Disposal law. People will not be happy with this, but you do what you got to do.

Lastly, you need to keep your healthy population entertained. For this reason, sign Fighting Arena and Public House laws that will help the levels of discontent significantly decrease.


That is all you need to know to start surviving in the harsh climate conditions of Frostpunk. But don't forget to come back soon for even more guides at GameSkinny!

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Published Apr. 23rd 2018

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