FFXIV Live Letter XII Full Translation Covering Patch 2.2

FFXIV Live Letter XII skip to 59 minutes in to begin at the official start.

If you want to only watch the live letter skip to 59 minutes in, or click the link. I recorded the final test and Reinheartv's pre-show entertainment as well. As always a big thanks to Reinheartv for his translations.

Live Letter XII took place in Osaka at the F.A.T.E. special. Although they received over 6000 requests, the FFXIV team could only allow 200 people to attend. Those lucky fans got to meet Yoshida and see the Live Letter in person.

New content:

A lot of new features and content coming out between 2.16 and 2.2. The biggest thing from the 2.16 patch is adding Dhorme Chimera and Hydra to the Duty Finder. Not a whole lot of notable things in the 2.16 patch.

Patch 2.2:

Patch 2.2 brings Leviathan Hard and Extreme modes. There isn't a normal mode for this primal battle. Yoshida also promised that each new patch from then on would contain a new primal battle. We also get Amdapor Township, Binding Coil of Bahamut turns six to nine, Thornmarch Extreme, and much more.

PS4 Version Details:

The PS4 version goes into beta on February 22nd, the same day as the 2.16 patch. According to Yoshida, anyone who owns a PS4 can participate. The official launch date for the PS4 version is 4/14/2014, just 10 days after TESO's PC launch. Again, FFXIV is nailing the timing by being the first current generation MMO on the PS4.

The collector's edition contains the same items as the current collector's edition. In addition, the collector's edition will add a Moogle minion and a Fat Chocobo mount. Yoshida confirmed you won't need to purchase the PS4 version if you already have another collector's edition. Current collector's edition owners will also receive the new additions when the PS4 version launches.

Additional Products:

At the Yoshida show cased both of the upcoming guide books, and the new Blu-Ray soundtrack. The soundtrack features 119 songs from A Realm Reborn through patch 2.1. You also get a Bahamut minion for buying the soundtrack. The two guides will cover separate things; the first will cover jobs and gear, and the second story and quests. The soundtrack releases on February 25th, even though the picture in the video said the 26th, and the guides on the 27th.

For complete details, check out the video. It's about an hour and 45 minutes long if you use the link or manually skip to the start.

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Published Jan. 27th 2014

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