Paladins Introduces New Champion in OB40

A new champion enters the realm in OB40.

During the live patch preview show Thursday, Paladins lead designer and lead developer announced a new champion entering the realm in the latest patch, OB40. 

Tyra, The Untamed

Her weapon is an automatic rifle. Unlike Kinessa or Victor, she doesn't look down the sights to aim -- all firing is off the hip. Her abilities are as follows: 

  • [LMB] Battle Rifle- 180 damage on headshots, 120 regular damage.
  • [RMB] Grenade Launcher- Launches grenade at target that deals explosive damage.
  • [Q] Molotov Grenade- Tosses fire grenade that spreads on the ground dealing percentage health.
  • [F] Hunter's Mark- Marks an enemy for a short duration. Tyra can do extra damage while they're marked. Teammates can see marked enemies through walls. 
  • [E] Unleash- Shooting speed, movement speed is increased for a short duration along with unlimited ammo for the duration of the Ultimate.

Looking at the gameplay preview, it looks like Tyra is definitely going to be a tank shredder -- especially when using items like Wrecker and Nimble. We didn't really get to see what cards would be provided to her quite yet, but as she becomes available on the Public Test Servers, players will get to try her out before she is added to the live servers.

Tyra will be available in the OB40 patch next week.


Published Dec. 15th 2016

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