Gameflip pre-owned game marketplace launches on mobile

Ijji has announced its newest product, Gameflip - a mobile used games and accessories marketplace for iOS and Android.

Gameflip, a new game marketplace for used games, accessories and collectibles, has just been launched by mobile developer Ijji. Gameflip's library includes around 600 games currently, and this appears to be a move by Ijji to compete with other game exchange services (or even larger marketplaces that have game exchanges as one of their features), such as GameStop, Amazon, or eBay.

 Ijji CEO JT Nguyen made this statement:

"We created the Gameflip marketplace to put the power of buying for less and selling for more in the hands of gamers. In other words, we are transferring the monetary power of retailers to gamers."

Gameflip Screenshot

There are both buyer and seller's guarantees that include protections for buyers from damaged, undelivered items, or items different than what was described on the site. The seller's guarantee (given your listing is on Gameflip's top titles list, and is no more than 30% higher than GameStop's trade credit value) grants a seller Gameflip credits if it has not sold in 30 days. A 10% commission is paid to Gameflip for every item sold.

Gameflip is currently available in the United States on the Google play store and the iTunes store. More information about Gameflip can be found in their FAQ.

Do you think Gameflip will prove superior to GameStop's trade in program? Let us know in the comments!

Published Oct. 4th 2016

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