The 8 Best Multiplayer Android Games

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Riptide GP2 ($1.99, with in-app purchases)

My editors would probably be unhappy with me if I just ended this slide by saying "It's Hydro Thunder but on your phone", so I'll offer a bit more explanation. As you might expect, Riptide GP2 is a futuristic jet-ski racer. It features a surprisingly deep and lengthy single player campaign, as well as some impressive visuals for a mobile game.

Riptide GP2's multiplayer is top notch as well, offering both "VR Challenges" that allow you to race your friends' ghosts in time trials, as well as more traditional head to head action. If you're a racing fan, there are few games that are this responsive, tight, and fleshed out, especially at this price point.

What are some of your favorite multiplayer games on Android? Please sound off in the comments and let us know of any we might have missed, besides the Jackbox Party Packs because even though you play those on your phones, that totally doesn't count. 

Published May. 23rd 2016

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