Microsoft is Already Defending Xbox One?

Xbox One boss defending the launch price.

The push to get Xbox One into the market comes with a price tag of $500.00 compared to the PS4 which is presumed to be around $400.00 during its launch this holiday season. Microsoft's Xbox boss Don Mattrick has spoken out to defend the Xbox One's $500 price point, saying "the company is in fact over-delivering value with the next-generation system”.

Mattrick’s reasoning behind the price is that consumers will get thousands of dollars’ worth of entertainment for the $500.00 purchase price.  The Xbox One will also offer an improved Xbox Live, as well as Skype, Twitch TV, SmartGlass, and Kinect.  Packaged out of the box, the system will include a Kinect 2.0 sensor, while those that purchase the PS4 will have to purchase the PlayStation eye camera for $60.

There are those that say Microsoft is pushing the system out early to beat the competition to the punch, but only time will tell which console will come out on top.  Obviously it has yet to be determined if the price is worthy, and only the gamers will be able to make that call!


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Published Jun. 26th 2013

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