Wii U Sales on Amazon.co.uk See Significant Increase After Xbox One Reveal

Amazon's sales rankings aren't indicative of an entire market, but the Wii U's sales spike is still very impressive.

Europe has been a difficult market for the Wii U, with just over 630,000 units having been sold since the console's release in the region seven months ago.

Things have been looking bad for Nintendo, but the Wii U's slow growth in Europe may be coming to an end: The console has gone from the 390th to the 7th spot (down to 10th at the time of writing) in sales on Amazon.co.uk since the Xbox One reveal on Tuesday.

The reasons for this change in sales could be numerous, but the spike's relation to the time of the Xbox One reveal is worth mentioning because this is the highest sales spike the Wii U has seen since its release in Europe.

Were European gamers waiting to see what Microsoft was bringing with the Xbox One before deciding to spend their money elsewhere? It may be a combination of the reveal and the fact that Nintendo has announced they will be revealing the next Smash Bros. title before E3.

This is no doubt exciting news for Nintendo fans, but keep in mind there are no actual sales numbers to speak of, nor are there visible sales rankings from other retailers. We'll have to wait for this month's sales numbers or something more concrete before determining the Wii U has turned around in Europe.

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Published May. 23rd 2013
  • McLain Anderson
    That's interesting, maybe the Wii U can make a come back still! I for one was impressed by the Xbox One reveal, it looks like a cool device. I wonder how much more powerful it will be though in comparison to the PS4, which is apparently 50% more powerful. Maybe the One won't be too far off from the Wii U?

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