Minecraft headed to Wii U eShop on December 17

Minecraft is headed to the Wii U! The hit indie title's first appearance on a Nintendo console will happen on December 17th.

Nintendo of Europe just announced on Twitter that Minecraft will finally be coming to the Wii U on the Nintendo eShop on the 17th of December.

While we don't know much currently, it sounds like it might be a match made in heaven. The Wii U gamepad would make the crafting menus in Minecraft much more convenient, not to mention making inventory management easier.

This is a huge announcement for Nintendo, but is it the surprise they were talking about last week?

Nintendo of America's Senior Manager of Licencing and Marketing, Damon Baker teased about a big reveal headed our way on Monday through the Nintendo World Report's podcast, in support of Child's Play:

“Speaking of announcements, I wish I could tell you guys, but stay tuned for Monday. Monday there’s going to be something… something happening on Monday. It’s going to be big.”

Could the Wii U version of Minecraft be what he was talking about? It's a pretty big title that hasn't been on a Nintendo system yet, so this is big news for the big N.

But if this isn't the big surprise, what could it be?

Published Dec. 7th 2015

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