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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy isn't just one of the oldest ongoing video game franchises, it's also one of the most popular RPG franchises of all time. Regardless of how you feel about that, the series has always been driven by its art, and that's why there is perhaps no better place to start discussing products for this game than chocobos.

That's right, there are not only traditional playing cards that are ridiculously expensive at $12 just because there are chocobos on them, there are also whole board games dedicated to the crazy adventures that I never knew chocobos went on, which are available for $19.99. Even better, there is an expansion game that builds further upon the (hopefully) crazy adventures I never knew they had, which only costs an extra $9.99.

Past that, we have some great shirts featuring Final Fantasy mashups. First, we have "Fellowship of the Fantasy," which is very clearly a reference to a scene from Lord of the Rings that I am completely drawing a blank on. Not only is it a cool-looking shirt, but it is also on clearance right now, so it is only $9.95.

Then we have an epic series of shirts that mash up various Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy logos. Pictured below is Skyward Sword x FFVIII (left) and Majora's Mask x FFVII (right). There's also a Link's Awakening x FFXIII shirt and an Ocarina of Time x FFX shirt. Each of these shirts costs $19.99. 

Last up is in service to all those dank meme lords out there, the brilliantly named "Ha ha ha ha" for $19.99. Enjoy. 

Published Nov. 13th 2017

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