Gift Guide: Best Gifts for RPG Fans

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Alas, our list has come to an end. From Pokemon to Dark Souls (what a natural segue that was) to World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy, I have covered all types of RPGs. Western and Eastern RPGs are represented in equal measure. Easy to Souls-crushingly brutal. Social to leave-me-alone-for-a-week-while-I-soak-in-every-last-bit-of-this-game! From "Dude, you expect me to drop nearly $200 on a Snorlax beanbag chair?" to shirts off of clearance, I got your back, fam. Almost every facet of the RPG experience has been covered as far as I can tell.

To finish things off, I leave you with the cutest RPG -- no, video game -- enemy of all time: Dragon Quest's Slime. Its design is simple and so is its brain. Its face is cute and wide-eyed like a child yet smashable like a pumpkin made out of jello. It's the perfect plush for a certain author writing a list of items you might love for the holidays, and it's only $23.99 ($39.99 for the large version).

Published Nov. 13th 2017

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