[Infographic] PS4 vs. XBOX ONE Specs

Here's a point by point comparison between the next gen giants, XBOX ONE and PS4

Miss the reveals?

Didn't want to sit through them?

Tired of all the long, awesome wrap up articles about either the XBOX ONE or the PS4, but still want to know where they stand so you know which one to watch, and how big a space to clear out on your entertainment shelf?

Good news!

We have an infographic for that [Updated]

[Click to enlarge]

 We'll continue to update this infographic as new information is released.

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Published Jun. 11th 2013
  • fuodshfdshfdsjfk
    Featured Contributor
    Well, while some are fighting for which one they should get I'd say why not both? :D
  • Caden Moniz
    Featured Correspondent
    Still sticking with the PS4. I like some features of the Xbox One, but PS4 interests me more than Xbox. But that's just my opinion.
  • John Voss
    The Xbox one doesn't have DRM any more.
  • Cortalia
    As per usual, it more or less comes down to games.

    For me, Halo 4 was good, but all in all it was just that good, it didn't hit the same cord that Halo: 3 ODST and HALO: Reach hit. Gears of War was all down hill after they killed my all time favorite puffy pants Dom...

    Where as the Playstation market seems to be getting all the good stuff, the last two Tales games, Tales of Graces and Tales of Xillia are on the PS3. Not to mention the Playstation version of games like "X blades, Eternal Sonata, and Tales of Vesperia(JP Only) had more content, characters, story, ect" than their 360 counterparts.This should be solved with both systems able to use blu-ray. but more over, SONY is a entertainment company, they make things like TV's Stereos and the like. Microsoft makes computers, so which am I to trust to being and entertainment console... I have a feeling the PS4 will have better playback than the XBOX one for movies and the like.

    Im getting older, I have less time for games, and I'm forced to narrow down what I want to play, I prefer story based RPG's and adventure games to Call of Duty, thus most likely I'll be hanging out with the Playstation crowd.

    Plus after 5 years of being double charged for Xbox Live with no resolution, I'm kind of done with Xbox Gaming.
  • ps4_6182
  • The Boring Aloof Gamer
    This time, Microsoft really bleeped it up.
  • nutella_guy
    Microsoft screw up the Xbox plus i don't wanna pay so PS4
  • Harry ;)
    Sony has alot more new titles in development than Microsoft
  • t850terminator
    Sony said 20 exclusives.....
  • bacon_2294
    look, hopefully this doesn't bait trolls. but as a Dad gamer (i'm an old fart now), i've seen these debates happen time and time again, and in the end its going to be up to which games you like to play. shooters seem to be the main topic for xbox and rpgs tend to do better with playstation. again, there's all genres for all platforms, its ultimately your pick on which experience you want to have.

    my concerns so far are-- Wi-Fi Direct on the xbox one. I have used this enough times on my Android phone to realize its kinda wonky. I hope this doesn't become the "Red Ring of Death" type of plague for its release. this will be used to connect your gamepad, which i hope as commenters previously said, the precision pad is up to par.

    bluetooth 2.1 for ps4, really, 2.1!? we're now at 4.0 and i think this shouldve been considered especially for this. perhaps the ps4 "slim" will have it, as 4.0 is backwards compatible. without getting too technical, this basically gives you low energy features, which means your controller will last longer, especially for those times you walk away and leave it idle. its also faster to respond. on 2.1 it takes about 100ms for a response, whereas 4.0 is 3ms. That's a lot of "lag" for gamers.

    regarding the big hoopla surrounding DRM and used games. First of all, generally speaking, I don't like it, plain and simple. with that said, its basically a deterrent for thiefs. i'm not a thief and i buy my used games fairly and am okay if they need to confirm that. this option vs each publisher making you create an account for their DRM service is better. (anyone remember the EA pass that existed once upon a time? you had to pay for a code to play your used game. now imagine creating an account for all major publishers, i dont know about you, but i have enough usernames and passwords to remember).

    ultimately though, playstation will have DRM like Xbox, for more info, check out this video (i believe its at minute 3ish)

    - http://consumerist.com/2013/06/11/as-expected-sony-backtracks-a-bit-on-restriction-free-games-for-ps4/

    Also, to know more about the topic before commenting, check out this FAQ by microsoft..
    - http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/license

    my concerns that aren't really being looked at too much yet are:
    - wi-fi direct as the way to link your xbox controller. its somewhat finicky with my cell phone, hoping its not the same with this console.
    - bluetooth 2.1 on ps4. bluetooth 4.0 exists now, it provides faster response time and better battery life, perhaps the ps4 "slim" will have this in place.

    in the end, which games do you want to play, kingdom hearts, final fantasy or halo and gears of war. this whole debate doesnt matter at the end of the day, because you already have your mind on which one you're going to get based on your favorite games.

    personally, i am blessed to have the income to buy all 3 next gen consoles as i did for these current consoles.

    to sum it all up...

    - Both systems WILL have DRM for used games
    - Xbox has better architecture (throughput), but the specs are better on the ps4 (GPUs).
    - Both will require you pay for membership to play online now, but both will have free games and perks monthly for doing so (~$50/yr for both)
    - if you compare apples to apples, to get the PS Eye (PS Kinect) it will be $60 more, so the Xbox is $40 more expensive.
  • Breshawn
    who tf wants to pay for online, knowing microsoft they WILL MAKE YOU PAY, but ps3 will undoubtedly be free for online also dualshock controllers are better than 360's controllers, and now 360's trying to copy and use blu ray, cause blu ray cd's never get scratched, also microsoft stole the idea not to use a cd tray so now they r using the same idea as sony.... ITS OBVIOUS MICROSOFT IS TRYING TO COPY.. CASE CLOSED
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    Forgot RAM

    X1 = 8Gb DDR5
    PS4 = 8Gb GDDR5
  • Alan Bradley
    Infographics never fail to make me smile (nor does the word "teraflops")
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I know, right? Teraflops! See, smiling already.
  • McLain Anderson
    Nicely done Amy! The one question I'd like to ask Microsoft right now though is what the heck is the HDMI in port for?...
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    I assume television input to go along with the output.
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    I also want to actually try out the "precision" d-pad with the Xbox One before I call it precision. They called the 360 controller the best controller in gaming, and the 360 controller's d-pad is laughably insufficient for any game requiring precision.
  • Justin Yuson
    Featured Contributor
    I use the xbox 360 controller for playing games on big picture mode and I can assure you that your statement is correct. I'm always having a difficulty playing indie games that are precision based (eg. super meat boy, the binding of isaac, and electronic super joy)
  • Aneudys Tejeda
    My Debate! define exclusives? A solid 5 or 6 are gonna be Kinect based so they may be exclusive but are they really gonna be good?

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