NIS America Announces Void Terrarium++ For PS5

Void Terrarium++ for PS5 adds new environments and more adorable ways to make Toriko happy.

Void Terrarium is getting the next-gen treatment with Void Terrarium++ on PlayStation 5, or the official name, void tRrlLM();++ which we won't be using ever again. Void Terrarium++ adds the usual PS5 polish and speed with a bundle of new content and will release May 18 in the U.S. for $39.99.

All this additional content, aside from the PS5 upgrades, will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners as DLC.

Void Terrarium++ adds a new environment to explore, complete with new materials to gather and help improve the lil' 'bot's capabilities. However, there's also a new set of diseases Toriko can contract.

It's not all bad news, though. Void Terrarium++ introduces new hairstyles and outfits, plus several new ways to interact with Toriko, including games of tag and hide-and-seek.

As yet, NIS America hasn't mentioned a price for the Void Terrarium++ DLC on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

We thoroughly enjoyed the original Void Terrarium and its unique combination of roguelike Mystery Dungeon-style games and Tamagotchi Pet simulation. Check out our review if you haven't yet.


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Published Apr. 21st 2021

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