Human Fall Flat Gets 'Dark' Content Update Today

Human Fall Flat on Steam's got a new level for players to dive into as well as Christmas-themed skins!

If you're one of the many hoping for new Human Fall Flat content on PC, today's your day! No Brake Games has released a new level named Dark, which fits its name perfectly.

As of today, players who own Human Fall Flat on Steam can jump in-game and try their wobbly hands at the new Dark stage, which is more on the spooky side than festive. Haunted houses, tricky puzzles, and new contraptions await in the new stage for players who want a little darkness with their holiday cheer.

The new level isn't all today's update brings, either. Players will also be able to grab up four brand new Christmas-themed skins in this latest update. If you ever wanted to be a turkey, Christmas pudding, a present, or a gingerbread woman, then today's definitely a good day to hop back into Human Fall Flat -- though the new level is more of a draw than the skins.

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players will have to wait for the Dark update in 2019, but No Brake Games promises even more Human Fall Flat content is coming next year. You're not done with the game just yet!

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Published Dec. 11th 2018

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