6 Scariest VR Horror Games For Halloween 2017


Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and OSVR
Price: $19.99 on Steam

Narcosis is a survival game that takes place in the eerie depths far beneath the ocean's waves. Its main mechanic has you searching for oxygen to refill your diving tanks so you won't drown. But if that’s not a scary enough concept on its own, add in the fact that you’re surrounded by terrifying creatures of the deep such as repulsive fish and giant water spiders, and it becomes a truly horrifying experience.

Developer, Honor Code, has really nailed the claustrophobic atmosphere that you’d expect from being trapped at the bottom of the ocean. The company has also included a fairly interesting story that provides the game with some momentum and effectively ties the unnerving environments together.

Narcosis is a great alternative virtual reality horror game if you fancy something a bit different than your usual haunted house or zombie-themed survival horror. Can you make it back to the surface or will you be another victim of the unforgiving ocean?

Published Oct. 12th 2017

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