11 Most Expensive Dominaria Cards in MtG

Mox Amber

  • Current price: $27.93

Mox Amber is probably the most controversial card in Dominaria. As of now, it is priced pretty high for a new card, but that's only due to it being a Mox card. But will this perform as well as intended? We'll see.

Zero mana acceleration has always been a tasty choice in Magic, but Mox Amber has a few limitations that cannot be overlooked. You may notice that it fits perfectly into all the Storm decks that run Baral, a blue legendary creature. That's exactly what you need for such a popular deck.

But that's in Modern; while in Standard, you can combine it with Kari Zev. So now it does look very appealing, and it should stay in the current price range or so.

Published Apr. 20th 2018

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