Indie Survival Horror Game: The Curse of Blackwater - It's Fu****g Scary

The Curse of Blackwater Review

Since games like Slender Man The Arrival, Hospital, Prison or any-other-place-that-gives-you-scares were released I fell in love with Horror-Survival games and today I want to review The Curse of Blackwater.

I saw a trailer of this game on YouTube and decided to pay the $9.99 for this game. After playing it again and again I don't regret a penny spent for The Curse of Blackwater.

The game is based on the Unity engine, it looks really good, and is a great indie game.

The game starts with a little introduction of our Protagonist who is on his way to his "working place" as a Paranormal Investigator.

So you know, Paranormal Investigators find it cool to go alone, without any means to contact the outside world, with a flashlight that doesn't even try to light the way, and of course they forget those damn batteries.

The place that the player visits is called Blackwater Maternity Hospital and if I think about it, it wouldn't be too bad to visit such a place alone... If there wasn't something there that scared the s**t out of me, then tried to hunt me down and kill me.

As soon as you enter the hospital, you come very quickly to what looks like the child-birth station. When you hear doors closing and little girls with their creepy voices... That was the first moment when I looked through my room in hopes there wasn't something around me that could scare me in any way.


As we go ahead we find our first enemy = a "cute" little girl.

This girl calls out to you and when you find her she stares at you, she frigging STARES on you with her cold dead eyes, then loud music starts and the hunt begins.

That was a really scary moment in gaming for me, Slender vs that little girl is nothing for me. If I see a man in a suit I think:

"Hey man awesome suit, but your face is kinda missing."

But if there a little girl ghosts involved? I go just crazy. I screamed like hell and just ran and the damn hunt music just wouldn´t stop.

Further in the game there are more enemies, and every enemy has another strategy required to avoid them. 


I found two bugs in the game. The first one is that I'm able to open doors into the wall and can`t close them anymore. The second one is that the music when a monster is hunting you sometimes doesn`t stop.

But these bugs don't really matter to me because this game is just freaking amazing. I like to play it and hope the Developers bring out more of these games in the near future.

The gameplay is like other Survival-Horror games... Pretty "easy" you search for keys, press buttons, and gather batteries as you go through the game. But maybe it's because of this "easy" gameplay these games are so much fun for me to play. Of course, these games aren't for everyone, but I love them. I just love it when I sit at midnight in my room, everything is dark and then these games scare the s**t out of me until I can't sleep anymore. 


I really recommend this game because the atmosphere, sound and the enemies. Everything just scares me really badly. If you're a fan of good Survival-Horror games and you have $10 to spend for this awesome game you won't regret it. 

I want to thank Marc Steene (Project Lead) and Wray Burgess (Level Designer) for making this great game and I hope they get enough support to bring more awesome horror games.

Here is the link to the Homepage to this game if you want to check it out yourself:

PS. This is actually my first post in english so it would be great to get some comments on how I was doing even if it's just criticism, but if I never start I will never get better so give me your opinions on what I could do better in the future because I want to do more reviews over games that I love :) 

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The Curse of Blackwater Review


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Published Jul. 17th 2013
  • NEFELI_6649
  • Carlissa M.
    your English was perfect only found 2 wording mistakes in it so you did good!;)
  • Alexis_3399
    Hola jeje yo hablando espaƱol :p bueno por mi parte, soy desarrollador, de videojuego indie tambien y estuve juegando el juego, aun no me ha aparecido ningun fantasma nada de eso, mira es lo que pude rescatar
    Las texturas no estan tan buenas, pero salvadas ya que todas son iguales, no variadas en grafica.
    no tiene buena grafica, pero este tipo de juegos cualquiera quiere ala hora de ser de terror.
    los shader salvaron algo, pero el pasto se ve muy artificial, por decir debieron modificar algo mas , para q sea unmpoco mas buena la calidad, por que se veia algo confuso.
    por mi parte el juego es anti enfermos de coche en movimiento, ya saben sobre que no se pude jugar bien la camara va muy rapido y marea demasiado, tanto lo quiero jugar pero cada 5 minutos presento sintomas de nausea, por causa de la camara, pero bueno muy buen juego , y la vy jugando por partes :p , y piensan sacar la 2nda entrega o como , quiero saber :D
  • Joe_9240
    This is your first post in English! The grammar is like perfect! Which is really good considering America's educational system (yeah, I had to go there) but great review this game genuinely scared the shit out of the me to the point where after I first saw the little girl I went to a corner and stood there for 5 straight minutes, then proceeded down the hallway to hear her around the corner, and then I was on the edge. I eventually just decided to see what would happen if I went near her. Guess what. Instant death. Really? Ah well, I can at least say it wasn't what I was expecting, so yeah good review, but talk about the genuinely scary beginning of just walking through the forest and the buildup to where if you turn around at the point before the gates you see something shrouded in the darkness. Had me on edge.
  • Rafael Corvera
    Thanks for your review, i was looking for one since this game is one of the bonuses of Groupees's Bundles, and this gives me a pretty solid idea about what i can expect should i buy it. As for your english, it seems fine to me :D
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Hi Blackroxx, kudos for your first post in English! I'm Amy, one of the editors here, and I'll be glad to jump in with some feedback. Check it out on the post edit page in a bit.

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