Ability Scorecast - Strength Episode 1 is now live!

Ability Scorecast's first mini-cast is not live! This is one strength!

In this, our first Strength (STR) episode, we talk about the Nintendo Creators Program. This extended into questioning why companies apparently hate free advertising and ended in Nintendo proving, once again, they do not understand the internet.

Find the show notes on this episodes page.

What is a Strength podcast about?

Strength represents how strong you are (yep, it’s that simple).

The Games Industry is Showing Their Muscles, let’s talk about them!

These mini-casts are talking about when the industry does something amazing or terrible, or if there are just events happening:

  • Nintendo Direct
  • Game Conventions (e.g. E3, PAX)
  • New Trailers
  • You name it!

Anytime the industry is trying to show off how big their muscles are, let’s talk about ‘em.

Where is it?

If you want to just listen to this episode, go here.

If you want to find all of the mini-casts, go here.

If you want all of the STR mini-casts, go here.

For more details about Ability Scorecast you can find it on GameSkinny, thanks to Autumn Fish, or on our About Us page.

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Published Feb. 5th 2015

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