10 Reasons Why Overwatch Is Not as Great as Everyone Thinks

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There's no question that Overwatch is a very popular game. Between selling millions of copies all across the world, winning the 2016 Game of the Year award, and having a huge fanbase, there is practically no doubt that Overwatch is one of the most iconic games of this generation. 

But is it actually a good game, and does it actually deserve all the praise even if it is GOTY? Not really...

Overwatch may be a decent game, but nonetheless, it has a number of problems that its core fanbase (and some critics) seem to overlook. When you look critically at its gameplay mechanics, community, and other aspects of Overwatch, this game is far from perfect -- and quite honestly, doesn't really deserve all the unfettered hype it gets.

Why? I'll tell you. Over the course of the next few slides, we're going to take a look at some of the problems with Overwatch, and examine how they prevent it from being a truly good and playable game. 

Published Jul. 5th 2017

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